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Glass doors and furniture

Glass doors are one of the most durable and versatile door types. They are not deformed from moisture or heat, do not fade or scratch, keeping their appearance during the whole period of operation.

All ALUMALL glass doors are made of high-quality tempered glass, which is much stronger than usual. And even if the glass door is broken, then the door leaf will break up into small safety parts. The most common thickness of the tempered glass door leaf is 8 mm, which is optimal in terms of the ratio of strength properties and its weight.

In our catalog you can choose and buy the following types of glass doors:
  • hinged glass doors
  • pendular glass doors
  • sliding glass doors
ALUMALL glass doors materials:
  • clear / matt clear glass
  • bronze clear / frosted glass
  • gray transparent / opaque glass
ALUMALL glass doors decoration:
  • full color photo printing
  • diamond engraving
  • art 3D sand blasting
  • color triplex
  • fusing
  • combination of different types of decoration
ALUMALL glass doors are the freedom of choice.

We follow the latest market trends, constantly updating equipment and developing new models of glass doors. A wide range of possibilities for processing and decorating glass doors allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of solutions: depending on the interior being created, you can choose a completely transparent door, leave only a part of the canvas transparent or order a glass door with a completely opaque pattern. Photo printing capabilities allow you to imitate any material: fabrics, metal, bricks, apply picturesque landscapes and reproduce works of art.

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