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Glass processing

ALUMALL manufactures a variety of glass products: architectural, construction and interior glass and IGUs, laminated glass,  tempered and heat-strengthened glass, printed glass, transport glass, glass doors and furniture, as well as specialized glass: electrically heated glass, fire-resistant, burglar-resistant and bullet-proof glass, smart glass, high-strength glass for roofing , stairs and fences, and more.

All processes are based on high-quality basic glass processing and decoration. ALUMALL carefully monitors the trends in glass production and is constantly improving the production equipment, so that all glass processing operations are carried out with high precision, which directly affects the quality of finished products.

ALUMALL is a recognized leader among manufacturers of technically complex glass products.

The company has many of its own resources for processing and decorating glass. Production is equipped with the most advanced equipment for high-quality and efficient execution of orders:

structural design

Edge grinding

Edge polishing

Drilling holes and making cuts

Diamond engraving on glass and mirror


Glass with dull polished chamfers

C-shaped edge

Glass bonding

For ALUMALL, glass is a versatile material that allows you to create real masterpieces that can delight and give aesthetic pleasure. And with the development of technologies and the active introduction of unique innovative developments in production and processing, ALUMALL glass has become not just a symbol of beauty and elegance, but also a real trend in a wide variety of interior design and architecture solutions.

Insulating glass
Laminated glass (Triplex)
Glass heat treatment
High-tech glass
Electrically heated glass
Painted glass
Transport glass
Interior glass
Glass doors and furniture
Production of glass aluminum structures