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High-tech glass

ALUMALL high-tech glass (HTG) — except for the main functions, glazing may be supplemented by special techniques:

  • electrically heating glass (EHG)
  • ability to change its transparence (smart-glass)
  • protection against electromagnetic emission / weapon (electromagnetic glass)
  • ability to resist against firearms (bulletproof glass)
  • fire resistance (fireproof glass)

Smart-glass (glass with variable transparence) – the laminated glass, capable to change the optical properties from opaque to transparent, state under influence of electric current. If the power supply is switched-off, then glass is opaque, and when power is turned on, it becomes transparent.

For production ALUMALL smart-glass we use a film with variable transparency based on liquid crystals (PDLC technology). The liquid crystal layer is located between two special films. The film at rest has opaque milky-white color. Liquid crystals are located chaotically, scattering the passing light. Connection to contacts of a film of voltage (110 V, 50 Hz) conducts to a recombination of liquid crystals on lines of electric field, the film begins to pass the all passing light and becomes transparent.

Application of ALUMALL smart-glass:

  • Projection and advertising screens
  • Confidential rooms
  • Exhibition stands
  • Shop windows
  • Office and room partitions
  • Front glazing (sun protection)
  • Shower cabins
  • Doors

ALUMALL smart-glass technical characteristics:

  • Energy consumption: 7W / sq.m.
  • Supply voltage: 110 volts of an AC (provided with the special transformer)
  • Transition to the transparent makes less than 1 sec
  • Operating temperature range: from -25 °C up to +60 °C
  • Light transmission: up to 80% both in the transparent, and in an opaque status
  • Transparency: more than 80% in the transparent status, less than 8% in opaque

Operations modes of ALUMALL smart-glass management system:

  • Stationary switcher
  • Remote control
  • Implementation possibility in the Smart Home System

Electromagnetic glass – glass product with function of protection against the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), belongs to the shielding devices. Protection is carried out by reflection, which provides shielding of EMR. Glass products are characterized by coefficient of shielding, and, as a result, extent of EMR weakening.

Application of ALUMALL electromagnetic glass:

  • Protection of working personnel against the EMR, generated by processing equipment (on condition of preserving visual contact)
  • Protection of internal space of the building against the EMR generated by external radiators

ALUMALL electromagnetic glass advantages:


Preserving transparency of glass products


Decorative design (picture drawing)


Possibility of noise-attenuating properties addition


Production of IGU’s with protection against EMR


Bulletproof glass — made by laminating several glasses to achieve the effect of quenching the energy of the bullet during the destruction of the glass. To reduce the thickness of triplex, used glasses with different degrees of hardening and specialized bonding films.

Due to its structure, bulletproof glass is able to protect against flying fragments of grenades and projectiles, hitting bullets fired from various types of small arms, as well as the impact of increased power.

ALUMALL bulletproof glass application:

  • banks and currency exchange offices
  • public buildings with high security areas
  • police stations
  • armored vehicles (cars, buses, trains, yachts, etc.) for various purposes
  • glazing museum, jewelry or exhibition showcases
  • office windows, private houses and apartments

ALUMALL bulletproof glass advantages:

  • high resistance to most mechanical damage due to load distribution over the entire glass area
  • increased level of noise insulation and heat saving
  • increased UV protection
  • lack of flight of the fragments of breaking glass, thereby reducing the possibility of injury to people ability to tint in any shade to improve the decorative function
  • possibility of application in IGU with various types of glass (clear float glass, low-emission, multifunction, sun-control, tinted, fireproof, painted, electrically-heated)

ALUMALL develops and manufactures bullet-proof glass of protection levels according to DIN EN 1063 (BR1 to BR7), STANAG 4569 and GOST (Russia).


ALUMALL fireproof glass (fire-resistant glass) — tempered in a special way glass with thickness 6 and 8 mm and class of fire resistance of E15, E30, E45.
In the production of fireproof glass, we use only the highest quality raw materials: glass without internal flaws, the glass plane — without scratches. Chips and rashes on the edge of the glass must be excluded.

The essence of the fireproof glass (resistance to open flame for a given time) is to create increased compressive stresses on the surface of tempered glass. In the process of annealing the glass, stress relaxation occurs, as a result, the glass does not break, but flows out of the mounting frame. The time (in minutes), during which the glass flows out of the frame, characterizes its fire resistance (E15, E30, E45, E60, etc.). Normal tempered glass is destroyed by annealing after 3-5 minutes.

ALUMALL fireproof glass application:

  • transparent escape route protection
  • preventing the spread of fire
  • restriction of fires
  • protecting the lives of people and values
  • combination of aesthetics and safety

ALUMALL bulletproof advantages:

  • high-quality glass without internal and external defects
  • possibility of making large fireproof glass
  • increased strength: 5-6 times stronger than ordinary glass
  • safety: during mechanical destruction crumbles into small, safety particles
  • wide temperature range of use: from -40 to +80 degrees
  • excellent optical performance

The production of ALUMALL fireproof glass includes an obligatory testing stage, which confirms all its declared characteristics.

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