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Grand Tower
object description
A modern 283-meter skyscraper, the first LEED Gold certified in Russia. The large-scale project consists of two towers united by a common part. LEED — Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is an internationally recognized certification program. Gold certified buildings stand out significantly in terms of energy efficiency. LEED certification of real estate is accepted as a mandatory policy in many of the world’s leading companies. Project architect Werner Sobek.
Russia, Moscow.
product description
2-chamber insulating glass units in structural design for use in modular glazing systems. To ensure high energy efficiency of the building, the insulating glass unit is made with two heat-saving glasses Guardian ClimaGuard® Premium T + and one sun-protective glass — SunGuard® Solar Light Blue 52. The triplex present in the composition also has a positive effect on the performance of sound insulation and safety. Additionally, the edging was painted on the short sides to hide the elements of the fastening systems.
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